Adumbrali are extremely dangerous and powerful, but mercifully encountered rarely. Cyryn Mac Eogann wrote about these entities where he knew of only on such being having manifested centuries ago. There are indicators that Adumbrali are metaphysically closely connected to Nexus Crawlers, however Adumbrali do not register on detection mechanisms as either Undead, Banes, Specters, Neverborn, Malfeans or Demons. This makes them parfticularly dangerous to even experienced magi and exorcists. 

The “Living Shadows” are preternatural beings that appear as animate dark that dwell in The Abyss and send out Seekers to capture souls for them to torture and devour. They are so named in the Song of Yste. Adumbrali are extremely terrifying and dangerous. They walk right through all  known magical wards – only enclosing them in very precisely constructed spaces has any change to contain them. These monsters, like the Beings of Xiclotl and The Death Vines, are quite obscure, even among the most learned scholars. These beings are described as two-dimensional beings of animate dark that can only move in horizontal movement and are known to hunt humans with cruel delight until slaying them outright. Other accounts describe them as a type of ‘negative energy elemental’ of an extremely malicious variety that can occasionally wander into different realms and can shoot out shadow-like tendrils that suck the engulfed victim’s body fluids, leaving nothing but a dried up corpse once its done. They do not seem to understand imbued dimensionality and materiality completely, but they can quickly figure out what’s happening around them by manipulation and experimentation. What is devoured by the Adumbrali dies in extreme terror and suffering and remains there. The inside of an Adumbrali forms a sort of Hell.

Adumbrali are extremely cruel.

Victims of the Adumbrali, once returned to their own worlds, are found in a death-like state, completely bloodless although with not a single wound or perforation, with eyes that can’t be closed, and inexplicable glowing marks over their bodies which change shape mysteriously. There have been three instances of Adumbrali manifesting in The Cursed Zone