Known knowns: The Prince (Or Princess?)and absolute authority in the city is an as yet undisclosed (unknown) Daeva of generation 6, alleged to be currently in a state of Ennui. He or she is assumed to be active part of The Invictus

Allowed Clans: Currently the Princely decree is only Daeva, Mekhet, Nosferatu, Ventrue are allowed to dwell in The Inner Sanctum. Brujah, Gangrel, Hecata, Tremere may visit the Inner Sanctum at set Elysium dates and times, but may not own Havens or Elysia in the Inner Sactum. They may have territorial claims anywhere in the prescribed territory of the ABN setting. Brujah, Gangrel, Caitiff may only have designated domains outside of Amsterdam proper but inside the narrative territory – Brujah are loosely associated with Oost, whereas Gangrel are loosely associated with West. There are known Caitiff In Amstelveen. 

Currently there are no known Malkavians, Toreador, Ministry, Hecate, Tremere, Giovanni, in the city although there are rumored to exist unknown vampires of either, either in secrecy, Ennui or Torpor. Thus at the start of the story no players can be spawned by either of these lineages, although any caitiff may later “discover” to be descended from a vampire of those bloodlines that later shows up in the narrative.

VII, Ministry, Tzimisce, Lasombra are slain on sight and would only show up as (very rare!) NPC interlopers or foes. Also any “antitribu” variants of above suffer the same fate – immediate staking in the sun, their ashes scattered to the wind. There is a persistent rumor the Alastor of the city is a Caitiff of Ministry descent (who however has no active links to the political cause of the Ministry).