Carreb is a manifested nightmare for the Camarilla and Invictus of Western Europe. Currently Carreb is believed to inhabit the Sabbat position of Archbishop. His Domain is delineated as Belgium and the Netherlands. His whereabouts are unknown, the time of his embrace must have been no later than the late 1970s, his lineage in doubt, and his blood generation has been established by process of elimination to be at least 7.  Carreb is an extremely competent, genius level intelligence vampire of an extreme level of ruthlessness and methodical cruelty. Imagine him having the wherewithall of the fictional Hannibal Lecter, with absolutely none of the grace and charm.

Carreb was allegedly involved as some sort of power broker in the creation of MS-13. At the time he was already a longstanding ghoul, beholden to the Black Hand. He was in Mexico in the Reynose greater region – although he may be of a Eastern European descent. Carreb is known for his linguistic aptitude and he speaks many languages as a native.

Carreb is driven by seething racist hatred for white people. This is the reason he was appointed in 2011 – the lay siege to Belgium and the Netherlands, and to inflict maximum damage. He uses technologies of electronic surveillance, hacking, social engineering, torture, high skill espionage, Ingenuous detective work, quick in-and-out strike missions.  Those he captures he subjects to torture the likes of which even offend Sabbat insiders. It is known he has friends “in his places”, potentially the Magi that work behind the scenes, potentially intelligence agencies aware of the existence of Vampires – and he runs errants for them in exchange for favors. This gives him extra leeway to occasionally cross boundaries of Vulgarity – but his handlers also inform him of potential targets – in particular vampires of caucasian descent.

Carreb is a plot device. He can not be taken as a character role. He will never appear in any game, and is only to be hinted at. The mechanisms in which he would manifestm in the game is not established, but if were ever to formally be defined it would no doubt be to give content to the horrific enmity felt by the Sabbat towards Invictus and the Camarilla and the most Elder legacy vampires. He is the absolute worst and most iconic enemy in the story and there will be no enemy to the Chronicle above him.