Known Knowns: The alleged (and this is by no means confirmed) Alastar of the city of Amsterdam and surrounding territories is a secret emissary of the Prince. This person is an albinoid male, visible age late 20s, alleged embrace date 1928 in Greater London, alleged lineage Caitiff (although he is associated with the Daeva), alleged generation of 9. This person is alleged to be a coldhearted and particularly treacherous individual who is obsessed by vulgar cinematic entertainment and superficial cliche’s. He is an alleged diablerist, and regarded as very ‘dishonorable’, ‘tasteless’, and ‘contemptible’. He has allegedly sired a (caitiff) Childe of currently generation 11 somewhere late 1990s. The Alastor has performed in thiss function since shortly after 2006. He has received territorial claims outside the prescribed ADM region, and (allegedly) even outside the Netherlands (namely – Antwerp).

The Alastor of ABN setting will for a long time not be known, not be portrayed by anyone, certainly not be seen. He is however available as a Caitiff sire or progenitor, although the connotation will have severe (crippling) reputational and other drawbacks.