As far east, on the eastern lands, Gak is one of the last places where humans live. Anywhere east of Gak dwell only humanoids. Gak is a massivelu defended gargantuan fortress defended against the endless tribal lands of orcs in this regon, surrounded by lesser fortresses who in turn are surrounded by even lesser fortresses. Roads travel west along river Haraxa and to hellish Kazuth Kleg. The underground halls of Gak are enormous and elaborate and filled with bazaars and markets. Spices, ointments and potions from Gak have magical effects on the imbiber, and are wanted by alchemists all over the world. 

Galton (State Deity)

Gashih (Sinister Fellow)

Gate Of Deeper Slumber


Standardized human sized animated dolls. Ghoriong are quite robust and are generally used by the highest born nobility to train a specific skill, where the human uses a precisely weighted wooden sword not to damage the doll. Variants occur for several weapons. Ghoriongs are not intelligentbut fight pretty decently and are quite nimble and fairly strong. They however do not engage in actual combat. They have a blank surface for a face, and they can’t speak. The most expensive models are beautifully crafted jewelry dolls of ivory, blackwood, filligrene silver and steel. 

Ghost Nation

The Kingdom would love to postulate the completely fractitious geographic region as a single politi, but it’s not. It’s a religiously, culturally and racially only very emphemerally united empire of tribes and gangs of humanoids, mostly Orcs. Ghost nation is exclusively an extremely deadly, anarchistic, warlike and inhumane region. Travel here is dangerous – most tribal members will rape, pillage, torture and cannibalize humans caught. The Kingdom considers itself ully at war with Ghost Nation – 95% of members of Ghost Nation aren’t even aware of the existence of the Kingdom. Fortunately the Kingdom is very sparsely presented in the Old Lands, and a LOT more dominant over the sea eastward. 


Known as The Great Disgrace, Ghouls are not necessariuly unded per se, but as close as you can get.  They may look like horrendous carrion eaters humanoids, with an extended jaw with elongated teeth, black-in-black eyes, clawed fingers and a general doglike manner of moving. They come in numerous subvarieties, and it is said in several manners of appearance, but Ghouls are everywhere. It is said Gypsies speak with them, and many Ghouls are quite educated and enlightened. Whatever the case – Ghouls must eat the meat of dead humans, even in a dessicated or completely decayed state. They can subsist on Orc meat or dead rats or roadkill for a few weeks, but eventually they grow insane and feral without dead human meat.  Mostly Ghouls keep to themselves and either dig from underneath to open graves (a fate feared by many, but otherwise quite common) to feast on the recently diseased. Ghouls maintain elaborate tunnel systems, and it is unclear how they are able to mine so quickly and effectively. Ghouls have spies, eyes and ears everywhere. As said it is not entirely clear how Ghouls emerge – some humans have the Ghoul gene. Some humans live an unclean life and turn into Ghouls steadily. Other Ghouls are create by a great tragedy or griefful death, or a curse. Ghouls are important in finding (and devouring) more harmful types of undead. Note that a Ghoul can be just as proficient in weapons, skilled in combat as a human, and is generally a fair bit tougher and stronger. Many ghouls have a paralyzing touch. 





What definbes all races of the Gith is hatred, milutary extremism. They are a species of mixed race, mostly elf and human stock, about 1400 years created in the past after slavers subdued a last colonby of mostly Laustrari elves east of the Middle Sea, and sold them to an invasive force of Illithids that at the time occupied large mountainous hives in the Forests of Parg. 


Gnoll (Humanoid Species)

Gnomes (Feral)

Gnomes (Kingdom)

Gnoph Keh


Goddess, The

Gold, The (Metaphysical Order

Ideologically, “gold” is most strongly pro Kingdom, Pro King, Pro Feudalism, Pro Banking, Pro central government, pro legions, pro the rule of law. It’s a staunchly conservative, sentimentalist movement that glorifies just how incredibly good the Kingdom is for the world and for all its people. As far as Gold ae concerned, the other colors are derivative and secondary to it and the Kingdom – to the point that many are confused and by default assume Gold is essentially a Kingdom organization. The Golden Arch is a semi-secretive analogue of what is in the Kingdom something suh as the freemasonry. This is not the same with the terrestrial Freemasons! As such the Gold is not strictly a legal entity in the Kingdom, and it is a semi-secret society. In Rissen it isn’t hard to spot signs of the Gold everywhere, as they are powerful and well connected. Technically the Gold is by far the most powerful of The Nine, spcially in tghe central Kingdom. The only problem is that the Gold is pretty much aloof from most religions,and tends to reject any organized religion other than the formulaic worship of Daevon and ofcourse The King itself. Sadly the Golden are overflowing with enemies.  There is a consistent pattern that the Golden Knights of the King have frequent dealings with the Gold, especially if they ascend in ranking, but this is not always the case; some Paladins are strictly religious and aloof of these Golden ones. The Gold is an ambitious, confident and determined force in the Kingdom, and they loathe The Red Eye, The Black Sepulchre, The Grey Forlorn, The Green Star. They are also, it is whispered, on the lookout from “subterrean influences”, “decadence” and “what lurks below the waves”. Also they are not overly fond of Necromancers and “Republican” sentiments. 


Gorloth (Mythological Figure)

Legendary warrior of mixed human and orcish blood, who led an insurrection against the Kingdom several centuries ago. He’s one of those people of whom are said they are still alive but no one ever gets to see them. Gorloth was a terrifyingly effective warrior, and a paragon of the deity Slaroth, and a by his actions an utterly depraved psychopath who didn’t give a damn about anything or anyone. Depictions show him a a tall, heavily muscled, heavily scarred half-orc with a strange deformity – he apparently has or had twp lower left underarms arms jutting from a massively shouldered left arm. It is also said of Gorloth he was a terrifyingly effective Psionic. 


Grand Duke

Great Abyss, The

Great Duke

Greater Consistory, The

Also known as the congress, this deals with the vulgarities of day-today management of public works, roads, religious works, lower tax echelons, infrastructure, sewage. Congressmen are routinely argumentative, loud, bombastic as they have to constantly squabble over small amounts of money to make ends meet and deliver on what they have been ordered to do. Few people except for idealists and opportunists move to the Congress, and they quickly become cynical. Cost overruns are the norm, and most Congressmen have to cheat to succeed.

Green, The (Metaphysical Order)

Grey, The (Metaphysical Order)

Long ago conventions started associating colors with the most over-arching ideological and magical traditions. There are about 10-20 such major orders of magical thought and they are very much diverse, at odds and problematic for the Kingdom. The King doesn’t like Wizards, AT ALL, and is paranoid about magic use, In that particular systamic (some say “contrived”) division of ideologies, the Grey is the alignment where the adherents are by defenition most opposed to The Abyssals. As such they somehow aquired cvery particular and effective powees associated with the assertive mantaining of balance in the Dreamlands, often at the expensive of majhor dominant players in the Kingdom. Traditionally, Grey has had it in mostly for (*) Alalvarites (for obvious reasons, (*) 

Grugnor Vance Massive (Mountainous Region)

Guash Kathul (Border Region)

Guelquetine (Duchy)


Gural (Extremely Illegal Demonic Religion)

Gwandrey Principiality

Gwyrney Woods


There were only a few of these creatures transported from the infernal realms during the Great War… at this time all are believed eradicated by the titanic efforts of the past. Also known as mole dragons, they required the intervention of Gods to be found and killed. The typical mole dragon weighs in between 20-30 tons, but is barely larger than an elephant; their physical density is rather higher than terrestrial organic life. A mole dragon is about solid as a bunker; it requires the application of consistently set large explosive means to destroy one. Unfortunmately the typical mole dragon is as quick as a tiger. It is unbelievable to see one move, as fast it acts. The bulk of the creature responds with alarmic ferociety, and it remains a strange sight to see a form eject its paws with such power, the creature’s claws crack bedrock. Mole Dragons are burrowing monsters. Their tunnels can cover kilometers. Though territorial, they tolerate burrowings of other diabolic creatures, such as the Azzonahr. Mole dragons are referred to as dragons because their breathe fire. The typical jet of flame reaches 30 or so meters.