ViaGoGo Scam

So I bought tickets at ViaGoGo through Paypal for a concert of Parov Stelar on 17 March for a sharply inflated fee. I contacted Paradiso (one Sabine)  and they indicated this is a continued headache for them, since the tickets from ViaGoGo in Paradiso tend to get people refused with doublure tickets at the entrance – and you end up with groups of people who travel to Amsterdam from far away and are turned back. This is essentially fraudulent business. Sabine also indicated that the government refuses to take any action on this dossier. However we are in contact with Paypal and we notified them of this problem  – and Paypyal confirms these practices exist and they may take action by booting ViaGoGo from their payment service. If you experience this for any transaction through paypal you need to (1) collect evidence of refusal at the venue, (2) file a police report, (3) spread the word and (4) place a counterclaim at Paypal. Paypal notified me they will watch this case closely.

If you make a financial claim over ViaGoGo fraud, do not forget to add travel costs, hotel costs, etc. in your claim.

ViaGoGo operates on people who do not place counterclaims, do not or unable to provide evidence, do not file fraud reports at police, etc. Even if you do all of the above even then ViaGoGo tends to ignore any reimbursement demand and you lose the money you invested in purchase. ViaGoGo’s business model is based to a lesser extent on scalping – there business model is based on selling vapour tickets for services they can’t provide, they know they can not provide – and the client is bushed off.  Apparently ViaGoGo will sometimes claim * no order was made in the first place, or * the claimant never had an account on ViaGoGo, * or any concert tickets sent were valid and the customer is scamming for return money, * or the attempt to email the tickets resulted in an email bounce and the tickets were forfeited. 

It is typical – even though claimed wait time at ViaGoGo is 11 minutes, even after an hour nobody responds on chat for any inquiries. 

Since I am deeply devoted to Parov Stelar,  I will make a big stink if this goes wrong and try nail ViaGoGo to the wall for Fraud – and at the very least have them booted off Paypal.

Here is the link for fair use violations at Paypal.