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Infect Teh Interwebs

In this short article I introduce this new meme – the “inverted brackets”.

This is essentially an inversion of the (((anti-semitism))) conspiracy thinking trope. I propose the inverted message using the inverted brackets. The general idea is that there is a confluence of –

  • racismts
  • low education people, anti-intellectuals
  • psychiatric patients
  • anti-globalists and populists
  • “The Deep State”
  • david icke stuff

working in the world to actively use  “hard to falsify” crazy cnspiracy thinking to aggressively argue against “global pedophiles”,  “G5 corona psychosis”,  migration and (of course) the jews.  By desinating something with )))inverted backets(((  you designate the topic or person as a loon, a conspiracy nut, a racist, a liar, someone who can’t intellectually cope with progress and emerging technologies, a populist charlatan, someone who didn’t finish high school, or someone partcularly gullible.

Basiaccly a )))loser(((. 

Do not however assume these losers are harmless.  These people are annoying weirdo’s right now, but ten years from now they could very well start executing people that dont fit in their understanding of reality. I take this stuff very serious and so should you.

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