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I am completely done with invasive advertising. No strike that I viciously hate advertising. And now the (dutch) VPRO has started a discourse on how bad advertising is for society. The article is in Dutch but easily translatable with Google but let me briefly summarize their key points

  1. Advertising is a constant aggravation and stinging annoyance
  2. Advertising is persistently misleading or outright lies in your face
  3. Advertising causes mental, visual, audiovisual and eventually neurological distress
  4. In our society there is no longer any possibility to opt out of advertising.
  5. Advertising is now locked in a mutual and obligatory stranglehold of competing brands worldwide and it can only get worse.
  6. Advertising now victimizes people in competitions between brands.
  7. Advertising is has become a counterproductive source of information.
  8. Advertising persistently exemplifies negative stereotypes – much advertising insists on toxic sexism.
  9. (In specific “targeted”) advertising is now a proven threat against our freedom and democratic values.
  10. Advertising doesn’t work any more. It’s become functionally superfluous. Spending money advertising makes no difference in sales for most brands.
  11. Advertising moves people and society to unecessarily spend, which can lead to bad consumerism and added societal (health care) costs.
  12. The consumer always pays at the end of the day.
  13. Advertising lies, manipulates.

So the idea is to spread this article in a non-imposing manner and get people to sign up. My preliminary goals for the organisation would be

i. – Dramatically reduce advertising online, on established (old) media, in any emerging new media

ii. – Aid in starting up similar foundations or unions in other countries, specifically to all EU countries.

iii. – Force ALL advertisers operating in the Netherlands to add an easy way for consumers to opt out indefinitely, across all platforms, for general as well as targeted advertising messages.

iv. – Make Dutch government enact a robust apparatus to start seperately taxing any and all advertising that can be argued to target people that reside in the Netherlands, even for companies not in the Netherlands. Exempt smaller companies. The goal for this tax should be up to a 100% tax for the worst types of advertising. Make advertisers proactively file for these taxes by advertising and fine those who shirk these legal responsibilities.

v. – Seek the nationalization of any and all media (national as well as international branches) that subsist by and large to spread and make money with advertising, put these under foundational control so that the service becomes effectively a utility (like water, electricity). I am thinking specifically of Facebook – nationalize all Facebook accounts pertinent to the Netherlands, put the management of these accounts and communication in a Dutch registered foundation, remove all advertising of this “”. Do not pay a penny for this nationalization – Dutch society claims the rights back of their online identities.

vi. – Institure stricter laws on the belligerence of advertising, the technologies used, frequency, the degree of manipulation, lying or deceit in advertising. Force advertising to become significantly more “aesthetically pleasing”.

vii. – Make the Dutch government hold specific people (not corporations) accountable for scams, deceitful advertising, criminal advertising or criminal conspiracy. If a violation occurs, the Dutch state fines the person directly responsible, and may cause for an arrest warrant to stand trial, or enforce actual prison sentences. So – if Facebook breaks a law, the Dutch government fines facebook but in the future would also hold any and all specific marketing specialists (plural) who were involved, and thus responsible for that crime accountable with personal fines, force them to stand trial in the Netherlands (at their expense), call for international arrest warrants and (in extreme cases) put these people in prison.

ix. – Ceate a list of all available products where all companies, corporations, institutions whose advertising targets any residents in the Netherlands MUST register and describe the nature of their advertising, any and all times the advertisement ran, what the budget is, who is paying for this, and the exact nature of the add. Likewise create a list of ALL products available offered by companies, so consumers can get to more easily avoid advertising and compare products – and effectively shun belligerent advertisers.

x. – Make any and all people, corporations, foundations, etc. who spend over a given treshold in advertising targeting specifically Dutch residents inside the Netherlands with advertising to register IN the Netherlands for doing so, pay a marketing fee, be awarded a attain a marketing licence. That means the Dutch government consequtively gets to blacklist certain types of advertisers or specific marketers by name (which can be entire corporations) for a given amount of time, or forever. With very serious penalties for violators.

xi. Have the state pay special attention to emerging technologies in advertising and force marketers and other parties to in detail describe how these technologies work. Publicize how these technologies work, giving consumers an understanding how they are manipulated or lied to.

xii. Have the state pay very special attention to any and all political advertising that targets Dutch residents inside the Netherlands.

xiii. Make blatant lying, misdirection, deception or victimization in any and all Advertising categorically illegal in the Netherlands.

xiv. Enact legislation forcing all marketing platforms (youtube, google, facebook, etc.) that have gatekeeper role provide transparancy whenever they victimize, target, ban, restrict users on their platform and make them explain why they do it, and fine them when they do this inappropriately, politically, prejudicially or inconsistently.

xv. actively mock, challenge, expose and ridicule immoral or especially vulgar advertisers by any and all legal means available.

But you can be sure I’ll rewrite these and add to these attention points.

If you like this idea, email me at [email protected] with your name and whatever information you’d care sharing about yourself, and if you can let me know whether you’d be willing to donate to starting this organization. Once it’s up and rolling I’ll delegate to professionals, since I am not a start in running that stuff long term.

And if you are in the marketing advertising industries, sure, you can offer me a monthly payment, for life, to not press ahead with this. But you can be sure I’ll publicize your offer if it doesn’t feel sufficient. [/sarcasm]

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