import random

events = [
(1.5, “the weather in this place is particularly foul”),
(3.0, “there is a particularly sinister yearly festival occurring here”),
(3.0, “the current leadership of the region is particularly competent, which grants economic benefits”),
(6.0, “there are significantly valuable mineral resources”),
(2.0, “there are extremely valuable mineral resources”),
(5.0, “A minority of ethnic humans lives here”),
(3.0, “A minority of humanoids live here”),
(2.0, “There is a presence of elves here”),
(2.0, “A minority of subspecies of humans live here”),
(3.0, “the region suffers a minor but significant curse”),
(3.0, “The region enjoys a minor but significant blessing”),
(1.0, “the region is actively magical”),
(5.0, “there are undead active in the region”)

def generate_events(num_events):
selected_events = random.choices(events, weights=[weight for weight, _ in events], k=num_events)
return [event for _, event in selected_events]

# Example usage
num_events = 3 # Adjust this number to control how many events you want
selected_events = generate_events(num_events)
for event in selected_events: