Zakarion is a common destination for seagoing vessels, traders, caravans, skygalleons and other travellers. It is a city as well as a region.  It is a not unpleasant place to live, Zakarion is a beautiful city by any standard and almost as large as Rissen itself, housing half a million people. The central theme is a society obsessed with the sea, largely the result by the constant traffic with Ceranian. In every building elements of the sea are processed in the shape of large seashells, coral and other materials taken from the sea. Many buildings have a maritime quality, suggestive of galleons or seashells or port, and always the warm pleasant climate, the everpresent seagulls, the hubhub of activity and the deeply ingrained respect for knowledge of all kinds.


Zakarion does not maintain an equivalent census as does the Kingdom, but estimates say In the city and immediate area around it some 1.2 million people live; in the lands itself no less than 3 million people live. Ther population is largely human, with some small elven (Aureannu and Lastrauri), Gnome and Hobgoblin enclaves. There is a dwarven embassy. It is a civilized and ambundant place but humanoids, especially orcs are not welcome in the city itself, and are routinely treated with suspicion. A lone halforc travelling the countries is likely to be arrested, questioned, held imprisoned on no formal charges, but actual torture or murder would be rare in this place even for a halforc. Orcs and other such ilk would be chased away or killed straight away. 

Harbor, Trade


Zakariis on governed by a council of arcane spellcasters, but it is too much of a stretch to label the state a Magocracy. Zakarion is more a small benevolent Kingdom governed by a council, with royalty and elected officials traditionally expected to be well-versed in the Arcane arts.

Relationship With The Kingdom