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Yog-Sothoth, Azathoth and Others

Artwork by Petro Sena

In analyzing what is in the easternmost part of the Kingdom, we have no coherent understanding of the bigger picture. We know with certainty that several ten thousand years ago (by dreamlands recknoning), the city of Atlantis transmigrated from the material world into the Dreamlands as the Magi of this island realm lost control of their metaphysical energy source. Atlantis in the Material was completely eradicated by Azure Flame, and a broken remainder materialized in a truly c catastrophic manner. This event had gigantic impacts on the tectonic structure of the Kingdom, which still can be easily observed throughout the mountain ranges of the Huarali. The Atlanteans spread their influence north, and as all of you know I  was born up in one of those titanic structures which was consolidated as castle Draaken, thousands of years ago. I dwelled there not very long, comparatively, but as a young human I explored maybe not a fraction of a percentage of the castle, and I wandered there for over 20 years. I kno my brother explored much more of his fortress over a thousand years, and not even he plumbed its depths for more than a third. 

Atlantis somehow created all these structures almost a hundred thousand years ago through using a creative power we have absolutely no understanding of, using the manifested power of Yog Sothoth. Everyone can witness a minute fragment of the literal shadow of the manifestation of Yog Sothoth as The Great Devourer….”

Yog-Sothoth, Azathoth and Others

Artwork by Petro Sena

— Marcus Draaken, 

I have read so many names and heard so many completely contradictory descriptions – ‘The Lurker at the Treshold’ – ‘The Key And The Gate’ – ‘The Final Reformatter’ – “The Beyonder’ – ‘The Unraveler’ – ‘The All-In-One’ – ‘The Opener Of The Way’ – ‘The All-Encompassing’ – ‘The Consistently Abyssal Qualia’ … that I empathize that some metaphysicians no longer credit Yog Sothoth as a unifying entity or being, bujt rather the manifestation of an ecological order of  primordial forms before the advent  of eterniity, space, causality, time, patterns, mind. I do not agree – Yog Sothoth is quite aware, quite deliberate. Far more deliberate than Shub Niggurath  or Tsahoggua arguably.  The problem is that Yog Sothoth exists in an anti-de Sitter space, and that the causality we take as normal, is utterly absurd from the perspective of Yog Sothoth.  For Him, events fragment in causality loops that decohere backwards in quantoid fractal storms. I have trouble even using these words, my mind recoils. The continuum of Yog Sothoth is completely superior at all existential levels, and utterly hostile to ours…”

  • Cyryn Mac Eogann, speaking in Paris in 1992

Annihilation (2018): A Journey Into Nature's Supreme Power and The Fear of Change

Comparatively, the other of “the six” are substantially more understandable and subject to metaphors than is Yog Sothoth. If Kothlothlu is best described as a galaxy-wide charnel house of non-euclidian machines, animated flesh, seething hostility, fire, forward momentum, utter lack of nuance – then Yog Sothoth is comparatively passive, existentially recalcitrant, fleeting, utterly unpredictable, as extremely subtle as a shrill whistled tone in a storm. Yog Sothoth “breaks” things at a most fundamental level, whereas Kthlothlu repurposes very linearly, crudely,  goal oriented, clearly with expressed scorn, fury, contempt. Life created by Yog Sothoth is fractalline, as a statement already made aeons ago, and proceeds in paradoxes in terms of time, goals, sequence of events, meaning, thinking, object-observer relation, structure and pretty much anything else. It’s too easy to state that ‘Yog Yothoth is even more insane than Kothlothlu’. Yoh Sothoth is the realization that “sanity” is a very precarious bubble of conveyed relevance and meaning, whereas Yog Sothoth is an Abyss where all that is just gone. 

…Likewise if one were to compare Shub Niggurath to Yog Sothoth, first conclusion is is that Shgub Niggurath thrives on the affirmation of time. Shub Niggurath is somewhere, i going somewhere, changes things, interacts, conveys emotions, changes bodies, seduces, changes thinking and emotion. Yog Sothoth is just about as distant from all these things to the point these are long unraveled beyond any qualia. Yog Sothoth is the absolute denial and dissolution of qualia. You can’t even describe what’s happening in the manifestation of Yog Sothoth, other than “it feels extremely unpleasant”. However is it painful, or hostile or … or…? the answer would be : ‘how can I possible answer this question?”. Painful, terrifying, yes? “I suppose…?

Likewise, Tsathoggua is extremely basal and toxic and granly and vile and dark. Tsathoggua moves below the surface, creaking and slitherinbg below stones and in the dark recesses and shadows. Tsathoggua is inversion of death, life, sickness, pattern, meaning and just a cacaphony of endurance and persistence, where ego becomes just a droning fanfare of endless recursion  in a frothy slime, a bubbling ooze of squirming half living, half dead, half … other shapes.

Yog-Sothoth, Azathoth and Others

Artwork by Petro Sena

Comparing Yog Sothoth to Nyarlathotep is pherheps the most difficult. Nyarlathotep and His manifestations, ecology, minions, entities, “life”, foms is very present, very domineering, extremely disruptive, just outwardly, kareening, metamorphing, elusive, transcendental, philosophical, myriad, iterative, explosive – just wildness in bursts of quiet preparation and than cerebral orgiastic mania and conveyance of progress. Yog Sothoth can be this also, especially sometimes a quiet and solumn revolutionary proigression – but often far far more solemn and corrosive, this deep inwardly qlpothic scratching and gnawing .. as if more things happen elsewhere in a distance – immanent and beyond. Nyarlathotep is here and now and VERY acute.

Yog Sothoth ©Fantasy Flight Games 2016

Artwork By Stephen Somers

So apparently YogSothoth is ‘currently’ in the Kingdom in a state ‘loosely’ associated with high places, mountains, the sky, clouds, endless swirling winds, the distance. There are fundamentally elusive structures at work we will never understand that mkes Great Cthulhu – and his contemporary watery elemental manifestation – as quite hostile and oppositional to Yog Sothoth.

A thousand eyes

Artwork by Alicia de Andres


Aeons ago, probably tens of thousands of year, there was a political and metaphysical power somehow derivative of Atlantis. It created a tempest of absolute destruction and creation, and left indelible marks in the landscape in the form of “by and large” titanic quite regular structures scattered over the eastern Kingdom. Several of these can be found in The Cursed Zone, and just seeing these … “miles high monoliths jutting like teeth from the mountains” … can kill. In some roundabout and terrifying manner… More south is a festering lowland of ash and salt and fungal shapes and moving shadows and towering structures. It is a very quiet. very elusive place but no less dangerous. This is Byzanthium, and it can be argued that the essence of Yog Sothoth is very strong there. But even then, this is a watered down derivative, “down the line” manifestation of Yog Sothoth. Refined. Already enmeshed in causality and patterns and some form of very alien meaning. 

Yog Sothoth Limited Edition Lithograph Art Print Signed and image 1

Randolph Carter...”  What was in the far flung shapes hovering in the countours, or lack of contours, in the ill-definable mist in the corner of his eyes, Randolph sought hitherto but as he attempted, his teeth felt too big for his mouth, he itched all over, his migraine pulsed, he felt sweaty and sticky and just wrong… and the voice…Voice?… something was distinctly there and again it was communicating…  “Randolph Carter...”  …there was an eternity of silence… “I am, but not because I once was not.. I can see where I was, and where I will be and my state intersects here as to be a beacon in this here and now that calls out, …Randolph Carter… I can only be a ephemeral deam, and you may suspect to delve deeper would be apocalyptic revelation. You would no longer be you, Randolph Carter… And he remembered things that happened in his youth and Randolph realized, this thing  has always been watching, always, since the beginning of time and in all cosmic directions radiating out from there… And iut seemed to speak in an inscrutible manner “…

“MY manifestations on your planet’s extension, the Ancient Ones, have sent you as one who would lately have returned to small lands of dream which he had lost, yet who with greater freedom has risen to greater and nobler desires and curiosities. You wished to sail up golden Oukranos, to search out forgotten ivory cities in orchid-heavy Kled, and to reign on the opal throne of Ilek-Vad, whose fabulous towers and numberless domes rise mighty toward a single red star in a firmament alien to your earth and to all matter. Now, with the passing of two Gates, you wish loftier things. You would not flee like a child from a scene disliked to a dream beloved, but would plunge like a man into that last and inmost of secrets which lies behind all scenes and dreams. What you wish, I have found good; and I am ready to grant that which I have granted eleven times only to beings of your planet – five times only to those you call men, or those resembling them. I am ready to shew you the Ultimate Mystery, to look on which is to blast a feeble spirit. Yet before you gaze full at that last and first of secrets you may still wield a free choice, and return if you will through the two Gates with the Veil still unrent before your eyes.