Tyrrhia lies now in ruins and it’s name is mostly forgotten except by few navigators, mystics and sages.  It was one one of the most stunning ancient city states, not long after the reign of Atlantis. The ruins are situated on the isle of Oriab in the Southern Sea, Thousands of years ago, it was the most glorious place in the Dreamlands, ruled by the queen Yath-Lhi. Now it is ruined and abandoned. These ruins are shunned by people, most likely because of the nocturnal bloodsucking creatures lurking there.


Ages ago Yath-Lhi’s armies roamed the Dreamlands in search of loot to satisfy their queen’s greed. Whilst trekking across the slopes of a mighty and forbidden mountain she and her army were beset by a great landslide. Chancing across an enormous ruby amongst the fallen rocks, Yath-Lhi ordered her warriors to haul the gem back to Tyrhhia, unaware that it contained the essence of an evil being known as the Fly-the-Light. By the time Yath-Lhi and her forces reached their home city, they were akin to zombies, bereft of any thoughts other than those given to them by Fly-the-Light. Soon this malady overtook the rest of the unsuspecting population, turning them into nothing more than mindless slaves for their new master.

What occured thereafter is unknown, but the city of Tyrhhia eventually fell, it’s people now nothing more than dry bones beneath the sands. There’s a theory that the residents of the city eventually became wamps. Lost to corruptive magic, they have devolved into something which only grossly resembles their former human form. The truth yet remains unknown.

The chronicles of Tyrhhia speak of an enemy wizard called Wo Ha Tsi, who entrapped a harem of unfortunates, worshipped Yog-Sothoth.


What is left of Tyrhhia hints at a great and architecturally beautiful city. Stone walls bear faded carvings and pedestals host great statues, now worn away with their features lost to time. Amidst the snow-dusted stones and collapsed walls, perched on a cliff overlooking Yath, only wamps and ghouls now dwell. There is yet more to Tyrhhia than meets the eye, and rumors of great treasures left somewhere in the city abound in nearby Baharna.

Thyrrian ghouls

The nominal leader of Tyrhhian ghouls population is Elisha. Seeking food for his people, this he achieved with in an uneasy symbiosis with the wamps. Even Elisha does not know, however, how long his kin have infested the lost city, nor is he privy to its secrets.