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Al Azif – see “Necronomicon)

Azathoth and Others, Terrestrial

Beatus Methodivo, Terrestrial

Black Book of the Skull, Unclear Origins,

Black God of Madness,

Black Rites, Ancient Atlantean,

Black Tome, Terrestrial, Latin,

Book of Eibon, Terrestrial

Book of Eden, Unclear origin, ancient atlantic texts, terrestrial recknoning ca 6500 BC

Book of Dzyan, Terrestrial

Byzanthium Chant Transcriptions, Dreamlands,

Celaeno Fragments, Terrestrial

Cthaath Aquadingen, Terrestrial, Latin version, Author Unkown, ca.11-12th century

Cthaath Aquadingen, Terrestrial, Middle English version, Author/translator Unknown, ca 14th century

Cthulhu in the Necronomicon,  Terrestrial

Cultes Des Ghoules, Terrestrial

De Vermiss Mysteriis, Terrestrial

Dhol Chants I,

Dhol Chants II,

Eltdown Shards, Terrestrial

Emerald Tablet, Terrestrial

Gharne Fragments, Terrestrial

Ghort Nigral,

Golden Brough, the, Terrestrial

Key of Solomon, Terrestrial

King in Yellow, the, Terrestrial

Ilarnek, Papirii,

Liber Ivonis, Terrestrial

Livre D’ivon, Terrestrial

Malleus Maleficarum, Terrestrial

Massa de Requiem Per Shuggay,  Terrestrial

Monsters and their Kynde, Terrestrial

Nameless Cultes, Terrestrial


Al Azif, Necronomicon, Terrestrial, original author Abd.Al’Hazred, ca 730 AD

An extremely dangerous article – original format is not known, but three originals said to have circulated in Arabica and have wandered into western Europea and the Dreamlands. As early as the 12th century all copies were alleged losts but “functional” parts have emerged in the Dreamlands, so it should be around there somewhere. It is an incredibly dense and detailed compendium that touches on major foundational aspects of the Primordial, and a capable contextualizer containing objective star maps. The article contains several dozens of spells. VERY ILLEGAL. 

Necronomicon I,  Terrestrial, traditional greek translation by Theodoras Philetas, ca 950 AD

Necronomicon I-b,

Necronomicon I-c,

Necronomicon II, Terrestrial, Latin Translation, by Olaus Wormius, ca 1225 AD

Necronomicon III,

Necronomion III-b, Terrestrial, English Translation, by John Dee, 1586 AD

Necronomicon IV-a, 

Necronomicon IV-b, (all suspected copies destroyed)

Necronomicon IV-c,

Oracles of Nostradamus, Terrestrial

Parchment of Pnom, Written in Hyberborean,

Pert Ehm Hru, Terrestrial

People of the Monoliths, Unclear,

Pnakotic Manuscripts, Unclear Origin,

Ponape Scripture,

Realm in the Mirror, Dreamlands, original text written in Dylath Leeen, ca. ?

Revelations of Glaaki,

R’Lyeh Text,

Saracenic Rituals,

Secret Watcher, The,

Soul of Chaos,

Seven Cryptical Books of Hsan,

Sussex Manuscripts, Terrestrial

Thaumaturical Prodigies in New England Canaan,

True Magicke,

Unausprechlichen Kulten, Terrestrial

We Pass From View,

Witch Cults of Western Europea, Terrestrial

Yhe Rituals,

Yuggya Chants,

Zanthu Tablets,

Zohar, Terrestrial