The Cursed Zone

In the Nothern Kingdom, north of the Kenoni Hills, north of Archduchy Khoo, east of Yeeneyola, Marquizate, Paelaqor, Marquizate, south-east of Loakron, Marquizate, west of Draaken, Great-Duchy lies the cursed zone.

The Cursed Zone is is composed of a mishmash of several former duchies that were left depopulated over time as the effects of The Cursed Monoliths flared up ovetr the last century. To consolidate this dreadful region, the small frontier town of Of Cinio slowly expanded in a vast military settlement with a deeply monastic character by the name of Canopus, as well as the ancient Castle Proteus.

The Cursed Zone comprizes the mostly deserted Baronies of – Grotha, Barony, Ilylla, Boasroads, Hkenneh,  Oyavhar (former Demesne) Khettarar, Barony, Quathre, Barony.   

Central to the landscape are monoliths that stand over the mountains as if embedded in them  as a tooth at least a mile high, and are suggestive of eroded or “fractally inscribed. 

A curse emanates from these monoliths… The curse is extremely dangerous and pervades the landscape to the far distance. It is suggested that looking upon these extremely obvious monoliths ‘that are visible for tens of kilometers distant’ (…) can cause a very dangerous insanity, suicide and a curse after death.  This is so bad that some maps don’t even depict the Cursed zone. 

This region is a giant obstacle for continued expansion of the Kingdom north.