Tanarian Hills (Region)

Taika (Sentient Urangutang)

In a distant past certain Big Apes were essentially animals. Then the act of taking these animals into certain “metaphyiscally acxtive zones” (such as Caerns) made these come aware. At the time there was war brewing, and the Kingdom needed soldiers and the Kingdom was rather wishy-washy about non-human right, so the armies started taking these aimals from the wild, “uplifted” them to sentience through controlled exposure,  and made them join the armies. This done with most effective with Urangutang, Gorilla, Chimpansees, some species of Gibbons and Baboons, but this practice has been perfected over time as to additionally adjust the physical shape of otherwise quadrupedal animals as to instill a humanoid frame. Taika are an early example, now centuries old, and these ceeatures are still found in large gatherings in the Legions of the Kingdom. Taika are particularly solemn, honorable creatures while being physically significantly more powerful than humans, are also innately more peaceful, agreeable and thoughtful. Taika gravitate toards adminsitrative assignments, logistics and management positions, as far as being not human allows them. They are widely respected. 

Thaiphaphta (Duchy)


Targos Dindae

A famous Aureannu who has been active in Rissen since the Great War, i.e. for five centuries. Targos was raised by humans, a trait which has infected his mind and allegedly turned him mad, materialistic and drunk with power. He succeeded in becoming a Baron, trades in coffee and horses. He’s a Wizard decidcated to casting Illusion spells, and he owns a small castle/keep in the east of the capital city. Targos is an attractivce Aureannu. He is said to be charismatic, vain, superficial, a decadent, a womanizer and a machiavellan. He started selling spices and herbs, and he quickly made friends in local Riszan nobility. He is known for having a following of mercenaries and thugs.

Tariel Silvershield

Tariel is a powerful, extremely affluent heroic character of epic stature, yet of a “pedantic character”. He is one of the most skilled archers known, and one of the richest people known. He is an Elf of mixed elven race, and extremely influential. Tariel maintains a fleet of seagoing ships that trade from Dylath Leen to Hlanith, and cross to Celephais. Over his centuries of life Tariel made many enemies, not least of which is Leonidas, and he deals with enmity in a paranoid, hysterical, chaotic and fearful manner. As a result Tariel lives in his keep in splendid isolation along the southwestern border of the Kingdom.



Templar – Career

Terennu Kingdom


Hard to describe, these creatures are manifestations of metaphysical balance.  Witnesses state they are fur and claws and rage, over 2 and a half meters tall when standing erect, a mouth set with needle sharp fangs. 

Thalarion (Region, City)

Thamaturge – Career


Therombi Hills

The Six


The South

Theurge – Career


Thieves Tools


Thorin, Mount


A category horrific monsters of particularly powerful qualities (often quite large in size). Titans are associated with Abominations, but not always.



Thug – Career


Tinkerer – Career


Tor’A’Bon (City)

Tnuccḁtal (Psionic Language)

Traitor’s Gorge, The


Trenhorani (Duchy)






Tszi Furia Fui (Duchy)

Tur (Enemy Kingdom)

Twin Blades (Unaligned Magical Guild)

Tzergon (Psionic Language)