Red Down Myrtle of Bilmoore

Allegedly a Maiden of Honor trained by knights of Daevon, of impeccable tastes, of  great wit and intellect, knowledgeable in matters of state and able to wield the blade. All of this is uncommon and somewhat unbecoming for a Maiden sarcely 24 – and she is still unwed.  In official matters of the Legions and the Temple, Myrtle is a standard-bearer, and a chanter for for official engagements, and she has a beautiful voice.  Myrtle is skilled in flying Ghaamshi, a rare art and will frequently make the trip over the hills and mountains in relative safety flying her winged steed.

Update – Myrtle was scarred in the face a training duel with another Maiden of Honor.  The scar is not repugnant, but she has been forbidden from wielding the rapier to her father, Lord Xaviar of Billmoor the Draconic.