Obese man who was taken by slavers, taken to Oriab, where he became a Mage, and plotted vengeance upon his tormentors for many years.

Mac Eogann Memorial Covenant

Honorart magical society, loosely associated ith the temple of Aeron, but not officially acknowledged. The members venerate the legendary Cyryn Mac Eogann.  The society has as main goal to protect the city of Rissen, once or twice to the detriment of the Kingdom. 


Most likely diseased – allegedly a legendary arch-villain dedicated to the worship of Gural, the God of Murders. Machiavellus is or was the high priests of sorts and an extremely powerful priest, assassin and was rumored to have become a Liche. Longtime rrival with the other iconic Guralli, Esteban Nyroch. Associated ith the Republican Inquisitor Nemesis. Machiavellus is knon to be able to “reverse dream” to the wakig world and collaborates with the Antedeluvians of the vampire clan of Assassins there. 

Magician – career

A magician is a spellcaster that utilizes knowledge of arcane systems and metaphysics to reach behind the material, manipulate what lies bey9ond using spells (as well as other means) to manifest a coherent and predictable result. Magicians are common in the Kingdom, suggesting about one in 500 people is trained as a Magician. Most Magicians are well embedded in society, and not as intellectualist and remote as Wizards. In regions where people aren’t instantaneously freaked out about Magic, Magicians plight a trade where most spells known by a Magician are utilitarian tool use spells.  Spells are all derivative of ‘Disciplines’ of certain families of magical theory.  Many spells take aspects of several “disciplines’  to generate effects.  

Major Domo – career

Marcus Draaken

Mason – career

Masson (Duchy)



Master, THE

The most commonly used name for the mythological hero that goes under the name of Leonidas – a slaughtering berserker of demigod status, dedicated to the deity Heiegos. – see “Leonidas”.


also see : Fungi from Yuggoth

Mishaq (Demi-Duchy)

Mellancthe, Mistress


Men of Leng

Men from Leng are humanoids, but not of simian stock. They have hooves, horns and a skeletal structure vastly different from modernday humanity, suggesting a different evolutionary track. Maybe more than a million years ago these creatures developed in another dimension, on a place known by occultists as the Plateau of Leng. Here the creatures stumbled into the realm of the totally ruthless Moon Beasts, and were consequently enslaved and bred as mere cattle. Men of Leng are deeply psychopathic and cruel. Avoid or be much stronger. 


Primitive slow plant eating animals. Their flesh is sour, slimy and disgusting. Some populations still survive along the coast and rivers of the Eastern Continent.  They make lo grubting and far5t-like howls and  alk ith hort stubby legs.  They look somehat like fat Iguanas about 3 meters long. {Moschops)



Moon Beasts


Generally regarded as the informal name for the continental land mass of which the Dreamlands is the easternmost region, and also the furthest known large region far west of Sydathria. Mnar can best be characterized as vaguely, suggestively Arabic and central asian. In this particular region lie cities such as Kadatheron, Thraa, Ilarnek and Dothar.



Mu-Thuu (Psionic Language)

Mymedon – career


A Thuak traveling in the western Kingdom, seen in the companionship of a paleskinned Drakka.