In the central area traveling west from Raell, the city of Drinen is a welcome respite on the road to Laelith and Cupper’Nombo. The city is inhabited by dusky-skinned folk famous for their eerie music, played on flutes, drums, and accompanied by wailing, wordless singing. One portion of the city is called the Pleasure Quarter, and is widely condemned as thoroughly decadent by many people, while envied by others. 


North of Drinen is a round hill where rests the Tomb of Neb. Neb was the last priest of an ancient god named Mlok, who fell to the Dreamlands from the sky and tried to usurp the worship of the Great Ones. As Mlok’s cult grew the god began to fission constantly splitting into smaller, less powerful entities. In Neb’s time, there was little left to worship and when Neb was buried, the last Children of Mlok were buried with him. It is rumored that they still live in the Tomb of Neb, warded by Elder Signs. If anyone were foolish enough to remove these wards, the Children of Mlok could overrun the nearby lands.