List Of Psionic Devotions


Animal Linkage


Cell Adjustment

Conceal Thoughts

Convert Psi to Mana

Allows the Emanator to transmute 4 Psi into 1 Mana. The reverse is also possible, converting 1 Mana for 1 Psi. 

Create Sound

Defensive Precognition



Dominate is a psionic effect that forces people to immediately obey the Emanator in non-dangerous verbal (or some other psychic communication) actions. Range is 10 meters, but Dominate does not penetrate solid barriers, and LOS must be established. Language is not a constraint in this effect but the verbal expression merely acts as inducing the effect, rather than actual understanding. 

Ego Whip

Ectoplasmic Grasp


Erect Personal Shield

Increases DR from one 90 degree direction (front of emanator, unless otherwise specified) by LV. 


Emanator concentrates for 5 minutes, after which the Emanator enters a deep trance, where he or she does not have to eat, drijk or breathe for 1 day * (level squared). At higher levels other effects may occur. Emanator is generally aware of the environment and can more or less instantaneously “wake up” and engage in actions.  

Id Insinuation

Inertial Dampening Field

Inertial Hammer Fist

Intuit Psionic Patterns

Mind Thrust

Attack deals 1d10 damage + level on a target within clear line of sight. Basic range is 10 meters, and every meter beyond that the damage inflicted is reduced by 1. Mind Thrust does not inflict mortal wounds, but target will be incapacitated for 1 hour. Victim is free to absord this damage with wilpower 1:1. 

Offensive Precognition

Psionic Blast

Psionic Blast has a 15 degree cone effect emanating from the caster’s forehead (*or equivalent). The Psionic Blast has a Strength level of [Current Wilpower+Passion+Vigour] but the basic range is 2 meters for a human or human sized emanator, and for each 1 meter beyond that Strength is reduced by 1 – so if an emanator has a strength of 15, the effective range is 16 or so meters, however the shock wave can still be sensed at easiuly twice that as “a distinctively distressing effect”. Psionic Blasts engender multiple effects, including acute pain, fear, pushback, confusion, etc.  Psionic Blast does not penetrate solid barriers, or any barrier containing ferric/magnetic materials. Tinfoil actually works. 

Psionic capable individuals can ignore the effects of psionic blast, but instead lose a set number of Psi (points), a loss which can further be reduced by erecting a specific psionic defense. If the psionic loss reduces the psi to (0) there still is no effect, but the next round the target (likely) can be attacked as nonpsionic. 


Establish clear and lucid verbal communication with any linked friendly and wellknown individual. 


Touch inflicts victim with horrible searing pain and some physical damage.

Sense Entropy

Senses patterns analogue with undead and undeath in the Locus (general environment). 

Sense Magical Patterns

Allows for a 10+ minute trance that allows the Emanator to superficially study the essential nature of an ongoing magical effect. 

Sense Neurology

Upon concentration, Emanator senses the presence and dagree of thinking in range. 


Tap Leylines

Telempathic Flow


Emanator gains (Lv)  Bruise dots of Health Levels for 5 minutes. Every minute therafter each added HL one of these tempoary Bruised levels evaporate. 

Viscous Repel