Dabilioduke, Duchy


Daevon (State Deity)

Dagon (ArchMage)

Dagon (Demon, Illicit Deity)

Danse Libertine

A distinctly problematic secret society in Rinyldissen of well-to-do bourgeoisie, noblemen, merchants, prostitutes and other ilk folk that meet in secret conclaves to have orgies and conduct in perversity and hedonism. Essentially the “behind the scenes” swinger society with very strong Blue sympathies. There are allegedly over over 250 active members, with over twothousand ‘occasionally’ taking part. 

Daoine Sidhe

Daoine Sidhe are elves, but not the kindest type. They are rare in the inner Kingdom. Generally they are referred to as Winter, Cold, Ice or Snow elves. They are smaller than the typical human, and lithely built. Most are strikingly comely, with white hair and actual silvery eyes. Daoine Sidhe are by some described as distinctly psychopathic, bored and degenerate.  They are part of the old “Unseelie’ court and can be dangerous.

Dark Sophonts (Duchy)


Dark Young of Shub Niggurath

Why are you reading this? Close this Time, turn around and go pray at your local temple of Daevon you fool. The general idea with anything Shub Niggurath is is – get out and run. Dark Young  are a particularly horrific spawn of Shub Niggurathat are extremely  dangerous, very toxic and tend to accompany infection this metaphysical force. They come in many forms (or may change their shape gradually) and are best described as organic trees abou the size of a bull elephant.

Daugar Draaken (Great Duke)

Davos (Duchy)

Daybreak (Duchy)

Deep One

Democratic League, The

The common name for the local chapterhouse of jesters, clowns, jokers and merrymakers. It is a serious profession people!




Dhennohul Rise


Dimensional Shambler

Doctor Cartwright

Doctor Zheng (Sinister Archvillain)

Dominion (Region)


Dorje are crystals that contain 18,8,0 MTU coalesced psionic powers. They are conceptually somewhat comparable to ‘scrolls’, but are of a more raw, primordial character. Dorje have empathic-semiotic symbols in any of the four psionic languages (Tnuccḁtal, Seijṑ, Tzergon, Mu-Thuu). They can identified with psionic as well as other magical means. They are exceedingly rare in the inner Kingdom.

Dothar (Geographic Region)


Dorje are crystals that contain 18,8,0 MTU coalesced psionic powers. They are conceptually somewhat comparable to ‘scrolls’, but are of a more raw, primordial character. Dorje have empathic-semiotic symbols in any of the four psionic languages (Tnuccḁtal, Seijṑ, Tzergon, Mu-Thuu). They can identified with psionic as well as other magical means. They are exceedingly common in the inner Kingdom.

Dokthappan Yaare

A subspecies of the human race, living in enclosed enclaves in the thick woods north of the Hygnymborean hills. Doki’s are often fullfigured and slow people. Their routinely worship a rather modest tribal and nonviolent variant of the deity Slaroth and it remains a mystery how this faith has made its way so far west. Doki’s are staunchly vegetarian and get nauseous from the mere idea of eating animals, but they are by no means pacifists. Their are heavily furred and hirsute around their middle, but phobic about showing this. Doki’s that wander from their forests are tattood heavily in the face, and form a minority sect. Doki’d live in sacred hollow trees. They are known for selling a thick gruel-like beer in hexagonal white barrels . 

Doxcy (Metaphysical Contamination)



Draconians are the result of Dragon eggs hatched early. They resemble humanoid Dragons standing about as tall as any typical human but heavier. Their features depend on the lineage of one particular localized infestation of Dragons. Essentially they have been around since The Great War, and they had time to breed. Even though they are still rare in the Inner Kingdom. Many serve in the Legions. The elemental variant Draconians tend to be coarse to the point of evil. The metallic (mage) types tend to be far more rare as the metallic Dragons were less affected by Vurgil. There are some nobles who are Draconian. Also, some Draconians have bred with other species. You would not want to tangle with Orc-Red Draconian halfbreeds ho are extremely aggressive.

Dragonrender, (Grand Duchy)

Dragons (Monsters)

Dragons are creatures of Myth and great awe. They start out small when hatched, and tend to be smart, driven by extremely strong instinct. Once hatched they look for a spot of natural energies and nestle there. As they nestle the spot grows in magical power, and becomes the nexus of ley lines (or Dragon Lines) that tend to crisscross the lands. As Dragons nestle the lands are pulled towards the pervasive draconic energies, their elemental archetypes. Dragons start out according to simple lineages, but they molt during their lifetimes. It is said, the higher a Dragon flies, the more it molts, and the more extreme it molts. Unmolted Dragons are recognizably either of Elemental or Mineral subtypes. Derivative of the Elemental Draons, Metallic Dragons are derivative of the Magi of the Dreamlands, and are possessed of the eternal spirits of Great Magicians, Wizards, Witches, Priests or such. It is said the Great Ones create the Dragons to oppose the Titans – and the Primordial in general. This is most likely true. Dragons hate undead, undeath, primeval corruption, and will burn them from the landscape where they encounter such. Dragons tend to all have the ability to breathe fire, but it’s not that developed in most of them. Most Dragons also breathe something else other than fire. For instance, white Dragons breathe both a pale blue fire as well as a stream of cryogenic nitrogen. Dragons tend to have absurd egos and stand above good or evil. Even the benevolent natured ones may occasionally “inadvertently” eat a human that strays close. These things happen, and the King rarely goes out of his way to complain. 

Dragons (Religion)

Dragon Lines

Dragon Tail, The

A large geographic region of relatively underwhelming lowlands, with lakes, sweeping dry planes and very few problems. It is a peaceful and somewhat boring region. Some of its people are quite ornery and ethnic.


Some of the more powerful Dragons have the ability to “call” specimen of th “dragon ecology” into the Dream from other places. These are typically beings ith a six-limbed body plan, and other features suggestive of the Dragon archetepe.  These are creatures that are dragon created, or dragon derived. Draconids typically have six limbs, generally wings, arms and legs. Allegedly before the Great War dragons made Draconid lifeform like humans make tools. There are literally hundreds of Draconid subspecies still left in existence. These beings  instinctively obey Dragons of one type or another.

Drealia (Duchy)



In the central area traveling west from Raell, the city of Drinen is a welcome respite on the road to Laelith and Cupper’Nombo. The city is inhabited by dusky-skinned folk famous for their eerie music, played on flutes, drums, and accompanied by wailing, wordless singing. One portion of the city is called the Pleasure Quarter, and is widely condemned as thoroughly decadent by many people, while envied by others. 




Durad is one of the rare Yanyok said to have lived in Rissen and built an empire of Greed and Crime. He’s a well muscled fellow, tight knit and sinister looking Dwarf, with three arms – although his third arm is clasped in an animated metal gauntlet. He has lived for centuries and was of the Great Generation of numinaries such as Cyryn Mac Eogann, Leonidas, The Shadowmancer, Gorloth and Anthrax. Durad built his empire of power on exploiting prostitutes, trade in Krrf, and (even) ‘less savory’ activities. It is unknown whether Durad still lives, many centuries later, even despite Dwarf long natural lifespans. His political niche is a dangerous one, and competition in the criminal ecology of Rissen can’t go good all the time, for centuries. Nonetheless people keep bring up his organization, “Tarot”.  There’s also mention that the criminal underworld of Rissen, and it’s fierce nationalist fascist politics, is driven largely by Durad, or his legacy.  Of Durad is said he handles a sword with which he maintains a symbiotic relationship, and an enchanted metal claw he uses to control the sword. – Durad is also said he is an adept and extremely talented Psion or Psionic Warrior. Durad is a Tsulipv, heavily tattooed and it can be concluded he is thus homosexual. He however shuns the companionship of other Dwarfs, and is to be regarded as an outcast.

Dylath Leeen

Dyle Nhar Hills