Byzanthium is a terrifying echo of an anxient bygone age ten thousand years hence.  The whole region of the eastern Kingdom, interspersing the East Huarals mountain range in several dozen places, is riddled with … structures … that defy description. These structures date back from the emergence and reign of Atlantis, and are mostly derelict and half embedded in the mountains themselves, covered with many tens of millenia of earth and soil and woodlands. A few of these structures can be found all the way north and the most occupied structure of Atlantean origin is known as the Draaken Citadel, in Great Duchy Draaken.  A dense knot of these structures emerge from a blighted zone, just southest of The Great Devastator.  The land is continuously overcast by toxic choking fumes, the soil rots and is overgrown with necrotic vegetation and the surface melts into a grizzled valley stretching for tens of kilometers. By any standard what lies in this declination is hellish and drives veteran soldiers insane. Unspeakable things amble around in a gothic hellscape blight, inbetwee titanic edifices some rising hundreds of meters high. People dwell there, and many of these people are twisted and mutated into horrendous undead shapes, for lack of a better term. The region can only be classified as pervasively gothic, in a rotting, derelict, cthonian, infernal, graveyard state. Byanthium is apparently infested by a true cosmic metaphysical horror.

It is unclear if Byzanthium has leaders. It’s more like an ecology of languid incarnate insanity. In the misty outdoor blights of Byzanthium here and there shapes crawl around chanting and muttering and many of these are mad, and act with a terrifying and dangerous madness. Death is common here. The fortunate side is that Byzanthium itself is in a passive vegetative state. The things here are introspective and dwell part in another non-euclidian dimension.