The Logoscopos is a valuable but essential enchanted instrument of collecting and depicting scientific or arcane facts, information and data. The ‘average’ Edwardian Negretti & Zambra Logoscopum is a closed case containing mechanical typewriting instrumentation, a number of gauges, calculus instruments, callibrators and a large instrumental mandala that acts as the focal node for entering the akasha of the instrument. When the right meditative state is attained, the user of the Logoscopos enters a deep trance, becomes oblivious of his or her surroundings and manifests his akashic self in the akasha of the instrument. Most Logoscopae contain akashic space equivalent to a few dozen Manti; hence magicians of a progressive persuasion often use them in lieu of the more archaically regarded Spellbooks. As Akasha tend towards the cerebrally addictive, magicians of sufficient means prefer to enter their trances in shared environments, often referred to as chantries.

The main use of Logoscopoi however is to enter larger Akashic environments as stepping stones. It is possible to invocate all manner of Logoi inside the akasha of a Logoscopos which provide protection, analyse information or perform downright amazing feats of immaterial akashic manipulation. It is also possible to manifest spells, psychic abilities and magical powers inside the Akasha of a Logoscopos without limitation. A basic Logoscopum contains an Akasha of some 25 logos. The more replendent models have a logos well in the hundreds. Each logos is equivalent to a single arcane spell level in significant information; thus a 100-logos Logoscopos can contain a hundred spell levels. The more luxurious Logoscopes are set with gems, ornaments, filligrine of valuable metal and other such amenities. Their keypads and mandala are highly styled and decorative. Many hare enchanted with additional magical abilities apart from their primary functions; typically a basic, otherwise unenchanted logoscope costs 100 silver coins per logos. 

Negretti & Zambra Primus

Logos: 20













Maestro Alpha

Logos: 22













Logos: 20













Logos :25














Logos: 26















Logos: 30









































Logos: 33














Logos 35