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T S A T H O G G U A Synopsis Less than a billion years after the formation of the “Big Bang” there was already massive conflict between interstellar technological civilizations. Back then, In only a few regions in the Milky Way there were pockets where there were complex elements present (in particular phosphorous) […]


Synopsis Zakarion is a common destination for seagoing vessels, traders, caravans, skygalleons and other travellers. It is a city as well as a region.  It is a not unpleasant place to live, Zakarion is a beautiful city by any standard and almost as large as Rissen itself, housing half a million people. The central theme […]


Khoorgs occur north of the Kingdom in the Dark Wood regions, up to the Jungles of Kled. They come in a range of sizes and shapes, some as big as a Hippopotamus weighing over a ton.  They are aggressive predators that with considerable difficulty be tamed into riding beasts – however the stench of these […]


Law & Crime The King’s Law The Law on the King’s Road The Aristocracy The Nobility The Gentry Citizenships Civilians Freefolk Villainy Vagrants, Vagabonds and Travellers  Peony Serfitude Slavery Dukal Law Amendments Crimes and Punishment Abuse Adutery Arson Assault Avoiding Punishment Banditry Battery Bagging Betrayal Bigamy Blackmail Blasphemy Breach of Contract Bribing an Official Bullying […]

The Six

T H E   S I X When metaphysical types (as well as others) colloquially refer (in hushed tones) about the Six they refer to the Six predominant, prevailing, most manifest and most active Primordial cosmic horrors.  The One – Kothlothlu If hatred, destruction, fire, death, war, iron, fear, cruelty had an elemental, singular manifestation, it […]

The Tsinothea Labyrinth

artwork byYen Chen In the southeast of the Kingdom lies an intricate maze of islands that extends east beyon the borders of the Kingdom into The Scattere Tears of the Titans known as the Labyrinth, or the Tsinothea Labyrinth. In the middle of these islands lies the enchanted city  of Thor’A’Bon. 


The Kingdom is a stratified history where people have markedly socially defined rights based on their immediately recognizable position in society. If a person’s position is in doubt, dubious or the person is not immediately known (or “vouched for”) this reflects in some levels of suspicion. There is a lot of necessary traffic for trade, […]


Ranged Weapons Arquebus ../ Composite Long bow ../ Composite Short bow ../ Crossbow ../ Dart Javelin Musquet ../ Longbow ../ Shortbow ../ Shuriken Sling Spear   https://www.dandwiki.com/wiki/5e_Martial_Ranged_Weapons  


Leather Cuir Bouilli Ringmail Brigandine Quilted Scale Mail Banded Mail Plate Mail Harness   * [https://img1.etsystatic.com/063/1/6664294/il_570xN.792503765_fl2w.jpg Gambeson] * [https://sep.yimg.com/ay/yhst-87491460501412/leather-scale-armor-3.gif Scale Mail] * [https://sep.yimg.com/ay/yhst-55945181203785/chain-mail-armor-shirt-2.jpg Chainmail] * [https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/9/9c/Maximilian_armour.JPG/400px-Maximilian_armour.JPG Maximillian Armor] * [https://s.yimg.com/aah/yhst-87491460501412/leather-brigandine-40.gif Brigandine] * [https://i.pinimg.com/originals/48/c3/70/48c370b0b2f46b5ed6277ac70fcf75ad.png Boiled Leather] * [https://images-wixmp-ed30a86b8c4ca887773594c2.wixmp.com/f/3ad916e6-285d-4a1c-9856-614aefd79e9c/d6b3vep-01fca4c4-4d9a-4f46-be4f-88b78d2ba134.jpg Studded Leather Armor] * [https://static1.squarespace.com/static/59aa8bee197aea4ad67f52ae/59aac2a3f43b556d9257c178/59ab23f7197aea4ad6857aae/1504446037132/?format=1500w Quilted Armor] * [https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/848214635662451487/CD0EAAB9D4CF2583772EFE8530EF84B09B73C093/ Ashigaru Armor] * [https://c8.alamy.com/comp/M61T2H/armor-armadura-yori-and-helmet-kabuto-19thcenturyjapan-japanese-the-M61T2H.jpg O-Yori Armor] * [https://64.media.tumblr.com/29291ed6a726c7c2dcc2195c16f3c61d/tumblr_nvhspsT1rm1u6xpi9o1_1280.jpg Jazeraint […]


A Academician Acolyte Acrobat Adept Aerine Agitator Alchemyst Alchemyst’s Apprentice Alienist Ambassador Anti-Paladin Apprentice Arcanist Archer Archmage Aristocrat Arrikhan Artificer Artisan Artisan’s Apprentice Assassin Avenger B Bandit Barbarian Bard Baron Bawd Beastmaster Bee Keeper Beggar Berserker Blackguard Blood Hunter Boatman Bodyguard Brawler Brute C Caravaneer Carnie Catamite Cavalier Charlatan Challenger Citizen Civilian Commoner Consul Courtesane […]


Aphid (gunboat) Description: One of the older, first constructed armored aerial gunboats, the basic design stems from The Great War, where they were produced by the tens of thousands. Many individual vessels are centuries old, and there is much minor diversity. The vessel is a 16 meter long deck, a lower deck, an armored main […]


List of Religions That Can be Found Mostly All Throughout The Kingdom Daevon (critically important religion) Galton (very important religion) The King (critically important religion) Alalvar (critically important religion) Heiegos (very important but restricted religion) Begoth (very important religion) Cybele (important, family religion) Aerond (legal, important religion) Shinthai (major religion) Divrith (iconic, mostly legal white […]


List Of Psionic Devotions   Animal Linkage Bioluminescense Cell Adjustment Conceal Thoughts Convert Psi to Mana Allows the Emanator to transmute 4 Psi into 1 Mana. The reverse is also possible, converting 1 Mana for 1 Psi.  Create Sound Defensive Precognition Demoralize Dominate Dominate is a psionic effect that forces people to immediately obey the […]


Damage Progression How Many “Health Levels” does a character have? Key characteristics to determine “health levels” (~hitpoints) are Agility, Reflexes, Stamina.  Bonuses to those are granted by advancement in careers, where there are two advancement profiles i.e. (combat) or (rogue).  Default “Health Levels for a typical Human The Effect of Combat Successes when attacking. Mortal […]


Melee Weapons Axes ../Battle Axe (d6) –  Damage:5 – Price:10P ../Dane Axe (d6) ../Francisca (d6) ../Hatchet (d8) ../Ono () ../Panabas (d8) ../Pickaxe (d4) ../Tomahawk (d8) ../Viking Axe (d) ../Yue (d6) Martial Arts Weapons ../Duck Blade (d) Smashing Weapons ../Baseball Bat (d10) ../Baton (d10) ../Cosh (d8) ../Club (d8) ../Cudgel (d8) ../Flail, twohanded (d6) ../Flail. Onehanded (d8) […]


– R E P U T A B L E  – T O M E S – Tome Sizes Manual Book Libram Folio Tome Codex Listing Al Azif – see “Necronomicon) Azathoth and Others, Terrestrial Beatus Methodivo, Terrestrial Black Book of the Skull, Unclear Origins, Black God of Madness, Black Rites, Ancient Atlantean, Black Tome, […]


A Abacus  Acid, Hydrochloric, mild, 250g                                1, 3               –     Acid, Hydrochloric concentrated, 250g                   2, 4               – Acid, Sulphuric, mild, […]