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From some distance sight, an Aureannu could pass for attractive humans. Closer up the difference become acute. Nearly all Aureannu are more ‘perfect’ in stature than typical humans, quite a bit more graceful, smooth of skin, universally symmetrical. They have uncanny slanted eyes. To people unfamiliar to them they all look alike; wide eyed and bright, healthy looking yet slender. Note that the term “elf” is a bastardization of the term “treacherous” in the Kingdom language, and it may not be a term most Aureannu like to hear.


To the east of the Kingdom of Humanity, beyond a region of deserts, barbarians and magical perils, lies the land of Terennu. There live a population of some 80 million Aureannu in a state of benevolent social anarchy. The Kingdom comprizes a clutter of islands and coastal communities wth no apparent unity. Contrary to first impressions, Aureannu are born with great racial solidarity. They are able to organize organically and rapidly. Of all known ‘elven’ races, the Aureannu are the most familiar to the average human. Commoners label them sun-elves. They are a tempered and introspective race of hunter-gatherers, not dissimilar to humans in facial features except for their comely, angular appearance and sparkling bright eyes. Many Aureannu are born with curving patterns or marks on the skin, often enhanced with tattoos. When in human companionship, the Aureannu have demeanors not incompatible with the majority of civilized humans, but would be considered more sane, stable, thoughtful and may strike the average townsperson as a tad dry or detached. The Terrennu is a Kingdom, and has King, and that King is legally speaking a vassal of the King of Humans, and they maintain nominally friendly relationships, and these Kings spend a week of annual vacation together. More cynical humans doubt the honor and loyalty of the King of Sun elves towards the King of Mankind, but in turn the human King makes sure not to alienate his elven citizens. Legally the KIng of Aureannu is loyal and subservient the King of Mankind – in practice this is completely untrue.


Physically Aureannu are in part spirit, in part body, a fact which is not easily perceived by the average human being. Young Aureannu are less spiritually aware; mature Aureannu (generally of an age of 100 to 150) learn to touch one another in dreams and see all magical aurae in their presence. The fact that older Aureannu “ascend” to a magical state is kept from the young Aureannu. As such nearly all Aureannu near human cities are a century old or younger. These younger aureannu display nomadic tendencies, seeking new experiences every season or year, moving on to other communities. Beyond that the Aureannu have a strange mystical spiritual home known as Avalon – which is generally inaccessible to others. What Avalon is is not entirely understood, although many high powered Wizards do in fact visit Avalon. It is said that in Avalon but a third of all Aureannu live in Avalon, yet all Aureannu have a home there.

Other “Elves”

Aureannu are friendly with in particular the Fae Nelra, Zedara and Faye Nilri.

Ancient Aureannu

Aureannu are effectively immortal and may grow ancient, some lasting well over a millenium. The most ancient will grow progressively more magical, and will eventually seek total physical unity Avalon. The young Aureannu are mostly kept unaware of this fact. As such thousands of young Aureannu live in Rissen, east of the main town, and live lives not unlike any normal human.  The latest Human Kings, not least of all the current king Kristophe, dread to alienate the Aureannu. Orthodox (delusional) humanists like the alalvarites rather prefer the elves far removed from the entire Kingdom – or better – eradicated altogether.  Long ago, around the 8th century, all elven folk were persecuted and finally subjected to a fair degree of genocide. It is believed the elves struck back rather effectively and currently hold a lot more sway in the Kingdom than the  human Royalty lets on.