The EMP Out

(Opinion) Modernity is constructed on a precarious precipice. Unsteady ground. This inherent instability is particularly the result of the world order as created by Bretton-Woods initially, and then reconstituted by the Nixon choice to disconnect the dollar from gold. After 1971 the dollar (as much of the world’s currencies) became largely fictional means of exchange, […]

China and “Engineered Population Growth”

The following article references another opinion piece, titled “Is Forced Procreation Coming To China?”  The problems facing China are manyfold, and they spring from the problems with human-generated central policies. Humans can’t be trusted to generated centralized policies for a large population and country. Humans tyrants tend to be too stupid to be depended upon […]

Binding Carbon by Artificially Illuminating the Dark Undersea

Yes – climate change can collapse of modernity, civilization, democracy, affluence and major parts of Earth’s biosphere. Climate change can catastrophically disrupt current weather patterns. The resulting climate chaos can destroy our current achievements of modern society.  It can reduce civilization to endless warring states caught in irreversible war and barbarism. It can end democracy […]

Matrix 4

It is abyssmally bad. One of the worst sequels I have ever seen in my life. Worse than both the Star Wars sequels and prequels combined. I downloaded it, and won’t see it in the cinema. Fuck Lana. You broke my heart, you woke sentimental dumbass.