Dealing with ‘sluts’, Haredim style

Young Israeli male accused of frenzied masturbation, ejaculating at 2 teenage girls. 22 year old from Jerusalem arrested for suspected assault, intimidation and sexual exposure after he allegedly ejaculated on two underage girls who he claims were dressed so hot he couldn’t restrain himself. Family claims it is simply neighborhood quarrel. We have learned that […]

Club of Amsterdam on Urban Energy

the future of Urban Energy June 28, 2012, 18:30 – 21:15 Location: Van Eesterenmuseum, Burgemeester De Vlugtlaan 125, 1063 BJ Amsterdam The conference language is English. The speakers and topics are: Laurens Tait, Associate Civil Engineer, Arup Adapting to a changing energy landscape Kim Taylor, Marketing Manager, The New Motion Attitudes towards mobility and the […]

And they call me a pessimist

By Dimitry Orlov This article is based on the notes from one of the talks I gave at the Age of Limits conference. I have been predicting collapse for over five years now. My prediction is that the USA will collapse financially, economically and politically within the foreseeable future… and this hasn’t happened yet. And […]

The drone djinn is out of the bottle

It is the year 2014. An unknown organization or group in the US assembles a fairly sophisticated drone from toy and radio shack parts. The drone then proceeds to anonymously kill a corrupt bully cop from a distance. It’s basicly a smart “semi-controlled” RC helicopter with robot parts latched on. Nobody ever claims responsibility for […]

The Grim Meathook Future, Revisited

(source) Several years ago, I wrote this thing on a private message board run by the writer Warren “No Relation” Ellis. One of the other board members, Jamie Zawinski, liked it so much he posted it on his LiveJournal, and it took on a bit of life of its own, and a phrase from it, […]

My first hard disk was 20MB

1980s – tens of megabites 1990s – hundreds of megabites 2000s – tens of gigabites 2010s – terabites Soon I’ll have a device on me, on which is all music and movies and books and games ever made or written, which is online connected, which displays in stereoscopic HD/HDR AR and VR overlay, which is […]