The Good Life

Let me be clear – this article is not about me telling you what to do in life. This article is not about turning people in to “the Borg” or whatever. I am describing a new concept for most people, whereas for “transhumanists” this idea would be fairly self-evident. Other people, say people like Alex […]


Saying libertarians are pedophiles is just blatantly wrong. Being socialist is inherently against freedom, forcibly taking money under threat of imprisonment and death. Libertarians are for protecting the smallest minority, the individual. — Matt Meinke Uhm no. 1. The US Libertarian movement is overrun by pedophyles He’s pro-incest, pedophilia, and rape. He’s also running for […]

Closing the EU to radicalized US americans

If I were to describe a national organization in, say, a middle eastern or african country, that was openly and brazenly active in spreading high powered killing weapons to its members, protecting these members for any legislative constraint, and these weapons are then routinely used in mass killings, we would declare such people patently unwelcome […]